Convert Analog videotapes to Digital MP4 format - Save to USB or Cloud

Posted by HP2 5 days ago
We have so many of our precious memories still stored on camcorder and other old format videotapes like VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, MiniDV, Digital8 or on DVD's and VCD's. And we have tons of photo albums and slides.

Tapes tend to catch fungus and deteriorate over time. Also some DVD's burnt 20 years back are unable to play on modern DVD and Bluray players. Solution is to convert your precious memories of wedding, graduation, family videos, holidays, birth ceremony and other family ocassions onto USB or hard disk or to a cloud account like Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

Photos fade over time depending on storage condition. It makes more sense to convert your bulky collection of photos and even slides into high resolution digital files which you can view and share with your family and friends and on social media.

Call us at HK Recording Studio Tel. 27220012 and we will help not only convert your tapes but also upscale them (Better Quality) so you can watch your memories on a large screen 4K TV. We also help you with photo and slide scanning. We also offer door-to-door servicee

If your tapes are broken or have fungus, we can also fix and restore them. We have an excellent track record. You can check out reviews on Google. Just search "HK Recording Studio".

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