The senior Singapore banking job that needs fresh expat talent

Posted by PSR_AXP 41 days ago
If you’re a senior ESG (environmental, social, and governance) specialist, consider yourself in demand in Singapore, even if you’re currently based abroad. Banks in the Republic are setting up sustainable finance teams, buoyed by increasingly assertive government backing for the sector.
ING is the latest firm to make a senior ESG appointment in Singapore. It’s named Martijn Hoogerwerf, who’s been at the bank since 2019, as head of sustainable finance Asia Pacific, following a year-on-year doubling in APAC sustainability deals in 2021.
While Hoogerwerf was already based in Singapore, headhunters say banks need to bring in fresh foreign talent to meet demand in sustainable finance. “There’s local talent, and expats already living here, but the candidate pool just isn’t large enough right now to meet projected demand. Locals are the priority for all hires, but sustainability is an area where Singapore can’t afford not to welcome global talent,” says one recruiter.

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