Cheap IDD calls FROM Hong Kong ?

Posted by mbbcat 3 mths ago

It used to be that there were many services that offered low cost idd calling, these days whatsapp has taken most of the market, however not all places or people have whatsapp or even internet (yes I know..)

So i am asking if there are any recommendations for a low cost way to call obscure places from HK on an ad-hoc basis?


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bananaq 58 days ago
You can check the company OWTEL. They provide IDD service and I,m still using it.

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friendlyhongkonger 54 days ago
they have those phone cards you can buy from 7-11, circle k, that allow you to make IDD calls. They have like HK$50 and HK$100 cards. When you make a call with the card, it lets you know how much time you have for the particular call but that also depends where you're calling

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