Should You Have a Child?

Posted by Ed 16 mths ago
Questions to help you decide if it’s right for you
Many people feel that being a parent is the best part of their life. They well may enjoy nurturing their kid(s)' growth, and the many good moments, for example, watching their child’s developmental steps: rolling over, babbling, first words, first day of school, behaving as you taught him or her, falling in love for the first time.
They value the lifetime of close bond, family get-togethers, having grandchildren, and the prospect that their kids will care for them in old age. 
But other people end up concluding that having a child wasn’t the best use of all the time and money. Having a child is an 18+-year major commitment. Your time is no longer your own, and the average middle-income parent spends almost $300,000 raising just one child through age 17.
That doesn’t count college, let alone graduate school, or if the child returns to live with you as an adult. And parenthood is filled with the need for patience. A few common examples: when baby won’t stop crying, getting your stubborn toddler into the car seat, dealing with homework, and a teen who abuses substances.
There are additional challenges if your child has a physical or mental condition, for example, autism. The iconic curmudgeon philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer asks, “If children were brought into the world by an act of pure reason alone, would the human race continue to exist?" 

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